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om100f_basicThe modular approach in design gives you the ability to upgrade your SmartOptic dental microscope at any time. We understand how important is to have the possibility for adjusting your microscope to your current and even future needs. We can assure you that with the SmartOPTIC modular philosophy it is possible just for the asking. You can attach the additional equipment to the microscope with incredible ease. No extra skills are necessary to enhance your SmartOPTIC microscope.


Generally we can single out four main sections of SmartOPTIC microscope:

Base / mounting.

No matter which version of a microsope you choose - ceiling, wall, mobile floor or table mount - each solution provided by SmartOPTIC guaratnees safety of work and high stability of mounted elements. See all mounting options

Light source

Light is crucial in case of optical equipment. We provide three types of light sources: LED, Xenon and Halogen which is the basic one.  See more


Counter-balanced swivel and suspension arm with individual locking knobs provides smooth movement and precise head positioning. SmartOPTIC standard is a 60 cm long arm but you can choose the longer one (90cm), too. What is more, you can extend flexibility by additional joint (28 cm long extra arm).


Crucial part of the microscope.  All the optical parts: binocular, magnification changer and lens are coupled inhere

  • The binocular - inclination angle up to 195° allows an easy adjustment to the most suitable working position. Crucial ergonomy enhancement.

  • Eye cups - They allow diopter adjustment  but are also suitable for the doctors working with glasses.

  • Fine focus knob - Final precise sharpness regulation

  • Magnificaton switch - Handy knobs located on both sides of the microscope body gives you the  ability to select one of five magnification factors: 4, 6, 10, 16, 20x

  • Handles - The handles on both sides of the microscope body allow to adjust the microscope to a convenient working position. Angle of each of the handles can be easy adjusted easily by pressing the axially located button.

  • Objective - Standard focal lenght of the objective is 250 mm. It gives the most convenient working distance in most cases and preserve fine focus depth. However you can choose another objective from 200 mm to 400 mm.

Parts in each section are interchergable so your microscope can easily accomodate to your demands. 




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