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Digital imaging

SmartOPTIC microscope PROCAM digital camera

Dedicated PROCAM camera inlcudes the following controls:

  • White Balance
  • Window Control
  • Anti-Moiré (to use with fiber scopes)
  • Capture control, to activate our Endodigi capturing and documentation system.


Using a 1/3” CCD of the latest generation, the PROCAM offers a great image quality with clarity and very good resolution. Low light sensitivity (2 Lux) and 625 lines resolution. High speed shutter that provide optimum light control Ergonomic Camera Head. It can also be used with SmartOPTICmicroscopes and colposcopes with beamsplitter, obtaining excellent image quality. 


Camcorder extension

SmartOPTIC with HD digital camera

SLR camera extension


It is designed for archive of cases with publishing in mind and the high quality is required. There is a possibility for the patient to see the view online (only by digital cameras with Live View option). This extension can be custom-made for almost any SLR. Before you place the order please send type of the camera you are going to use with the microscope.

Monitor mount

stand_for_LCD_monitor monitor_stand_side

Monitor stand with adjustable ball-joint  that can makes your treatement visible for your assistant or patient. Result? Patient education and improved team work with your staff.


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