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Principles of ergonomics

Tilting sideways, twisting, bending forward and slumping are all poor posture habits that
increase the likelihood of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSDs). Good posture means sitting or standing upright, rather than leaning or hunching.

To improve your posture and reduce muscle fatigue in a clinical environment:

  • Position the patient so that your elbows are lower than your shoulders; keep your wrists even with or lower than your elbows.
  • Adjust the patient’s chair when accessing different quadrants.
  • Alternate between sitting and standing.
  • Place instruments, materials and medications within easy reach.
  • Take breaks! Pausing briefly and frequently can minimize fatigue and the risk of MSDs. 
  • Schedule patients so that you alternate between long, difficult cases and short, easier cases.

Use a surgical magnification system when necessary. It should allow for comfortable posture while maintaining a close view of the task at hand.


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