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How to begin work with microscope

Proper performing of the procedure enables unconstrained work with the microscope (observing the operation field with no physical contact of the surgeon’s head with the microscope’s eye cups). It is possible because outer focal range is 16 mm in SmartOPTIC microscope.


Stereoscopic vision

Step 1. Adjust the oculars distance to the interpupillary distance.


Step 2. If there are still problems with adjusting the stereoscopic vision, fold or take off the oculars rubber covers.


Step 3. Check if you see with both eyes and if the image in the microscope is round or slightly oval.


If you can see in the stereoscopic way, you can start adjusting confocal vision.


Confocal vision

Executing of the procedure enables comfort of work (after every magnification alteration the image remains sharp and clear).

Step 1. Adjust the microscope head above a flat surface at the object lens’ focal length.

2. On a white sheet of paper draw with a sharp pencil a double square (#).

3. Put the paper to set the cross in the centre of the field illuminated with the head light.

4. Adjust the magnification changer (A) at the maximum value and the ocular’s dioptre rings (B) at zero.

5. Adjust sharpness with the micrometer screw or object lens to gain clear and sharp image of the cross (#). Pay attention not to move the microscope head.

6. Change the magnification to minimal (A) and set the sharpness with dioptre rings (B) separately for each eye.

7. Check if when changing magnification from minimal to maximal the image is each time clear and sharp.

8. If not, repeat the above described actions until the result is satisfying.

9. Values on dioptre rings should be remembered (or noted down) individually for each person using the microscope.

10. Having set the confocal vision you can move to ergonomics.


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