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Lightsource options


LED Light Source

led If you respect economy and a very bright light with a colour temperature of 6000 Kelvins, near sunlight colour, then this Light Source is for you. The diode is 80Watt and rated at 50000 hours.

Became a standard - prevalent choice of light equipement for operating microscopes nowadays. 





Xenon Light Source

xenon If you are demanding and prefer high standards then this Light Source will suit your needs.

It provides a very bright (105kLux) and white light with a colour temperature of 5600 Kelvin, near sunlight in colour. It enables work in a natural light environment. The bulb is 180 Watts and rated at 500 hours. Its intensity is controlled by a shutter that preserves colour temperature at all brightness levels.





Halogen Light Source

halogen Halogen Light Source has two independent Light Sources-halogens-150Watt each one. Light with a colour temperature of 5400 Kelvins is an irreplaceable illumination for most of clinical cases.




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