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About SmartOPTIC

Seliga Microscopes is listed as a producer and the business entity responsible for SmartOPTIC product. High reputation of SmartOPTIC is confirmed by 3 year guarantee. Range of products: optical devices for medicine. Magnifying devices for stomatology (with the flagship dental microscope), laryngology, gynaecology.


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Seliga Microscopes Sp. z o.o. is leading Polish company specialising in manufacturing and distributing optic equipment for medicine.

Company covers many fields of medicine applications but the flagship is dentistry. Our priority is continuous striving for excellence in client service, reliability and usability. We treat each client individually to provide demanded results. 

In order to propagate the idea of work in magnification our company provides microscopes for testing in dental surgeries. Thanks to such actions many doctors can recognize high quality and usability of SmartOPTIC microscope in his own day-by-day work. The company also organize professional trainings of working with a microscope. The aim is to enable doctors to learn in conditions as near as possible to clinical. 

Seliga Microscopes is ISO 9001 and medical ISO 13485 certified company.

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